New Sex Toy Reviews

Butt Plugs

The Butt Plugs come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs; super slim soft jelly butt plug, remote control butt plug, multi-speed tripple ripple butt plug, medium butt plug, large butt plug, Inflatable Multi-speed vibrating latex butt plug, and much more. These are a few examples of butt plugs Butt Plug – Large, medium –Read More

Anal Sex Toys

There are variety of anal sex toys products like ; anal probes ( long, slender ), anal beads ( chain of round balls that connected by strings ), butt plugs ( different sizes, shapes, designs ). The walls of the anus are very thin and delicate. Using lubricant with anal sex toys will maximize yourRead More

Sex Massage Oils

Massage Oils are scented, flavored and other silky-smooth oils applied to the body for a relaxing or sensual massage. These are a few examples of massage oils Kama Sutra – Massage Oils, Pleasure Garden Kama Sutra – Oils Of Love, Ambrosia Kama Sutra – Oils Of Love, Cappuccino Kama Sutra – Treasures Of the SeaRead More

Vibrator Guide

Vibrators are sex toys which vibrate powered by battery or by an A/C adapter and are the most popular kind of sex toy. Vibrators are cheap and versatile, and come in many shapes and sizes, with many possessing speed controls to select the intensity of the vibration. Vibrators are used by women to assist withRead More

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos are dildos (penis-shaped object used for erotic stimulation, designed for vaginal or anal insertion ) with added vibrating feature to enhance sexual pleasure. These are a few examples of vibrating dildos The Realistic Vibrating Kong – 9 inches x 2 1/2 inches Peter North The Decorator – Ejaculating – Variable speed vibration. RealisticRead More

Clitoris Stimulation

Clitoris Stimulation can be done by using hands and fingers to rub and stimulate the clitoris. Clit Stimulators are sex toys designed to achieve the goal of coming in contact with the clitoris and stimulate it. These are a few examples of clit stimulators Clit Kisser Clitoral Stimulator Remote Control Sea Shell Vibrating Crotchless PantyRead More