Doctors Sex Appointment – P4

Jills mouth become actually bucked off the hairy muffy as Jo-Anne’s cunt involuntarily lurched forward as the devastating climax wrenched her bad fanny almost to death.

“My fucking god in heaven!” the older girl gasped. “Never in my whole life” Dr. Tambour calmly fisted his large organ only inches from the taken aback lady’s face even as asking softly. “Do you recognize the most critical word inside the English language?”

Her thoughts become now absolutely focused on her still twitching cunt, however, she controlled to babble, “No, what is the maximum vital word within the English language?” “Penetration,” he spoke back softly. “Oh my god!” she moaned as he took his vicinity between her heavy thighs. “A-are you going to penetrate me with your huge pecker?!?” “Do you want me to?” he asked gently. “Oh fuck!” she moaned. “I-it’s so fucking big, it’ll rip me apart!” “I concept you liked large cocks,” he quickly spoke back. “I-I do!” she gasped. “But you’re so fucking large!”

“Only 11 inches,” he answered. “Now, you actually don’t have any choice, do you?” By now nurse Ames had taken her place at the stool next to Jo-Anne’s chest. She leaned over and took a tough nub into her mouth just as Dr. Tambour slid the top of his cock into her gaping slit. She had regularly fantasized about being taken by using a truly big organ, and now as the recent mouthed nurse labored over her warm nipple, a freight educate as a pecker turned into slowly but in reality sliding into her cunt!

Almost without delay Jo-Anne’s fanny collapsed around the thick invader in a vain try to control its entry, but it became a hopeless challenge as the coolest scientific practicioner all of sudden shoved his hips forward to start a brutal assault! Jo-Anne literally got here up off the examining table as the two inch thick piece of cock meat buried itself balls deep internal of her straining pussy! In what can only be referred to as a complete surrender, her fanny began convulsing wildly as Dr. Tambour’ ferocious member hammered in and out of her with almost vicious ferocity, while Melody Ames let the big nipple drop from her lips as she exhorted the excited female to stronger and stronger orgasms! Then just when she didn’t think she should cum even as soon as more, Dr. Tambour’ whole body stiffened as load after load of warm spunk rocketed deep into Jo-Anne’s over heated fanny, inducing the shell bowled over cunt into one closing earth shattering climax!

When he became finally regained his lost breath, the scientific practicioner smiled at his “patient” and announced, “Well, Mrs. Walker, I assume we can competently say that the whole thing is in best working order!” “Wouldn’t you agree, Miss Ames?” The nurse cupped Jo-Anne’s big chest and answered, “Just perfectly clinical practitioner, just perfect!”